Discover the Health Benefits of Massage

March 14, 2017

If you haven’t been able to convince yourself to get a pampering massage, maybe this will change your mind. Did you know that massage has been linked to dozens of important health benefits by doctors and medical researchers? It isn’t just pain and stress that massage can relieve, but also insomnia, migraine frequency, and more. Learn more from our Oak Haven Resort spas near Pigeon Forge today.


Oak Haven Spa Near Pigeon Forge Offers Relief for Symptoms  

Massage does not replace medicine when it comes to treating diseases and injuries, but there is no denying that massage offers serious relief from many symptoms. For example, those who have poor cardiovascular health have seen marked improvement in their health after getting routine massage. Those who have carpal tunnel syndrome, chemotherapy-related nausea and pain, pain from osteoarthritis, tension headaches, and fibromyalgia pain have all also experienced relief at the hands of a masseuse.


Massage can also help ease mental symptoms as well. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, and stress can all be helped by massage. In addition, massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure and even to help increase the range of motion after surgery on joints and limbs.

Massage Isn’t Just a Defense

Massage can also work on the offensive, tackling your health and improving it before you even realized there was a problem. A great example of this is sports medicine. Massage is frequently provided to professional athletes, and it has been shown to improve performance and reduce the chances of injury.


Combine a massage with the health benefits of reflexology and other services such as a body detox wrap, and your experience at Oak Haven Spa will be a total wellness reset.


Massage is Great for Seniors

When you see commercials or advertisements for massage therapy at a Pigeon Forge spa, you almost always see young people enjoying the health benefits of a massage. However, massage can be particularly powerful for senior citizens. Massage has been shown to reduce the effects of dementia, and to help improve balance as adults grow older. Add this to the way massage can improve chronic pain, and it’s clear to see how easily massage therapy can improve a person’s quality of life.


In fact, many hospices around the country offer massage as a regular part of treatment, to aid in making seniors more comfortable and more energetic every day. Getting a massage at spas in Pigeon Forge isn’t just for young couples.


Experience the Health Benefits of Massage At Our Spa Near Pigeon Forge

At Oak Haven Spa, we always work to ensure that you are totally comfortable during your treatments. You can request a male or female massage therapist if you have a preference, and all of our therapists are licensed in the state of Tennessee. You may undress as much as you are comfortable with, and know that our therapists will only uncover one part of your body at a time as they work. You can focus on soaking in the relaxation and the health benefits of massage, while our therapists ensure that you are totally comfortable and at peace.


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