Facials: What You Need to Know

December 14, 2016

Many people call our spa near Gatlinburg, TN with questions regarding various spa services. One of the most frequent topics we encounter is facial services and how they work. If you’ve never received a facial, you might be curious what makes them relaxing. We offer different types of facials and can customize facials to your comfort level. For example, some of our clients do not prefer to have pore extractions or certain aspects of a facial performed. (All of these preferences/concerns can be expressed to your esthetician prior to your appointment)

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If this is your first facial, congratulations! You will soon be introduced to a refreshing, cleansing service that will leave your face feeling brand new. There are many different elements to a facial that are important to be aware of before your service.

First, a facial is designed as a skin care treatment. While relaxing, this spa service pays close attention to the care of your skin and works to refresh and cleanse your skin. Before you choose a facial, read the descriptions! Our facials range from dehydrated skin rejuvenation to collagen boosters.

Second, sit back and relax. This facial service is a win-win for you. Not only do you get to sit back and relax, but you also get a full skin care treatment from one of our licensed professionals! Many of our clients have questions regarding their eligibility to a facial, allow us to answer the most frequently asked ones:

Can those with sensitive skin receive facials?

Yes! Our products are so gentle they could be used on baby skin. If you have any questions or concerns regarding skin care products, speak with your esthetician prior to your service.

Can I wear makeup after my facial? Will I break out from this?

You can resume your normal skin regimen after your facial service. Our skin care products are so gentle you should not experience a breakout from your facial. However, after a thorough cleansing, it is possible to have a breakout from the blockage clearing. Consult with your esthetician prior to your service.

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