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February 14, 2017

Our daily lives put a strain on our bodies, and, more specifically, our muscles, which is why it is so important to take some time every month to treat yourself to a relaxing massage. And if you are  looking for spas in Pigeon Forge, TN, Oak Haven Spa is a wonderful alternative, located a short distance from the city of Pigeon Forge but with affordable prices and a wonderful membership program with many free perks. When is the last time you went to a spa? If you have to think about it chances are you are in need of some good old pampering .

Why Our “Almost Heaven Massage” is so PopularIMG_1330

At Oak Haven Resort, we have dedicated ourselves towards making both men and women feel more relaxed and comfortable in their skin, and after giving over 25,000 of our famous “Almost Heaven Massages”, we can safely say that it seems to be working. Perfected over the past few years, the “Almost Heaven Massage” has become one of our spa’s most requested treatments. To make things more interesting, we also offer a “Side By Side Almost Heaven Massage”, which encourages couples and friends to come to visit our location and reap the benefits of a soothing massage together.

What are the Benefits of Regularly Going to a Spa?

There are many benefits for spa regulars–the most obvious being allowing our patients to release some of their pent up stress and relax their muscles completely. However, there are may other benefits to booking a regular appointment at our spa:

  • Improved blood circulation is one of the many benefits our regulars experience, which instantly allows a body to regenerate and heal from pent up stress.
  • Receiving a variety of spa treatments can also help our patients age more gracefully, as it releases stress and eases their facial muscles. These treatments can reduces the appearance of wrinkles provide a more polished, rejuvenated appearance.

These are just a few major reasons as to why becoming a regular member at a spa can truly benefit you and become an important part of your wellness each month. If your body feels tired and your muscles feel tight, relax today at our spa located near Pigeon Forge, TN. Oak Haven Spa offers many different packages to suit your needs, and our friendly staff can help you create the perfect spa package you can use each month to feel your best the whole year!


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