Why You’ll Love a Massage When You Visit Pigeon Forge

February 21, 2017

If you can’t remember the last time you pampered yourself or simply lay still for a few hours, then make you way to the Oak Haven Spa, and get a massage — you’re going to love it! What better way to thank our bodies for all their hard work than to reward them with a well-deserved massage?

A Massage At The Spa: Ask Which One Will Benefit YouIMG_1341

If you haven’t been to a spa in a while, but feel as though your body would benefit from a massage, start clearing up your schedule for a spa day. By booking an appointment with one of our trained massage therapists, and informing them on what pains are present in your body, they can recommend a treatment that can target your aches and soothe muscle pain. Here are a few of our most popular massages.


  • The Deep Tissue Massage: If you are feeling knotty and tense, you might benefit from our Deep Tissue Massage. This massage is performed to target chronic tension and work out the knots and kinks that are causing you discomfort.
  • The Restore Salt Stone Massage: This special massage was designed to help those with connective tissue pain. If your mind and your body are feeling out of sync, this might be exactly what you need.
  • Recover Salt Stone Massage: Anyone who has experienced spine pain will benefit directly from receiving this massage. Better yet, they will love it.
  • Almost Heaven Massage: This massage is the most popular one of all because its main goal is to soothe its patients bodies and make you so relaxed that you feel like you’ve gone to heaven.

Why Everyone Needs A Massage Every Once in Awhile

Every once in awhile, it is important to pamper your body. Since we use our bodies every day and perform redundant actions with them that cause stress to our muscles, giving them time to replenish and relax ensures you keep it in top shape. Receiving monthly massages can help clear up both your mind and body from its everyday tensions, thus allowing you to walk a little taller–and looking forward to your next spa date! Haven’t been to a spa in a long time? Book an appointment at the Oak Haven Spa, and get ready to receive a much-needed massage — you’re going to love it!
Our Oak Haven Spa has become well-known for its exquisite massages, amazing deals, and one-of-a-kind membership package. Because of this, many people have started to treat themselves to a day at the Oak Haven Spa on a monthly basis, and have started to give their bodies and minds the attention and gratification they deserve.


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